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of the eurozone shows continued slump in services activity. >>> plus first lady michelle obama fires up the base in the democratic national convention, making the case for voters to give her husband a second term in office. >>> let's check in on markets as we sort of near the beginning of the u.s. trading session. dow jones industrial average sitting below that 13,000 mark is looking to open lower, taking fair value into account by about 35 point. nasdaq, s&p 500 are also in the red this morning a bit of a bigger move than we've seen with indecks in the last couple weeks. part keying off attitudes we've seen in markets overnight. let's take a look at cnbc ftse 100, down spurred by parts of asian demand, the fedex profit warning we've talked about, or change in guidance, that is, european markets for their part are also in red. ftse 100 down despite better tone. xetra dax down 0.3 trs. it's unusual for us to see all the vorcies doing the same thing. >> that eurozone pmi is coming out, nudged down from the flash number. what's the impact on the spanish bond yield? they are lower than we were two d
michelle obama lunch, you get like one asparagus and one sprout, no big gulps. 15.9 ounces of a coke. that is our future. i just saw it. and i don't like it. >> phil is defending it, he said you can take control at anytime, but you don't have to just sit in the car, you can -- >> did you ask him why does a driverless car need to go anywhere? >> i didn't ask that. >> comments or questions, e-mail us. squawk@cnbc.c squawk@cnbc.com. it's like brave new world. i don't like it. coming up, morgan stanley's adam parker, nowhere in his notes does it say how negative he's been. we'll check on his call on markets. last time he was with us. and then larry summers, no shortage of topics to discuss. europe, the u.s. economy, taxes, spending, the fiscal cliff, the dollar. he'll join us live. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the ec
is, look, the president's approach is attractive to people who aren't paying taxes. >> michelle, the problem here is that mitt romney doesn't have a lot of time to make up ground. he is not trailing by a lot, but he is trailing president obama in this race. we released early numbers from the new nbc wall street journal poll. swroo we'll have the full report tonight. when you ask americans who's better prepared to lead the country, most say president obama. >> thank you, john. >> i'm going to take a contrary stance on this whole thing. whether you agree or disagree with what romney said, how refreshing to hear him say what he really believes. now we can vote yes or no based on what he has said he believes, whether you agree with him or not, right? don't you think? >> yeah, i guess. i disagree with a lot of the fundamental premise of what he said. he should care about those 47%. he should be saying to them, you know what, the economy is going to be so much better. you're going to have a job where you're going to pay taxes and you're going to be thrilled about it because you're goi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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